Thursday, March 19, 2009

US: Hackers Penetrating Control Systems

Interesting article, for the first time someone claims that an attack to a Process Control System killed people.

Joe Weiss, a very well known expert on SCADA and process control systems, said this during a testimony in front of the US Senate committee.

Good reading:

(from The networks powering industrial control systems have been breached more than 125 times in the past decade, with one resulting in U.S. deaths, a control systems expert said Thursday.

Joseph Weiss, managing partner of control systems security consultancy Applied Control Solutions, didn't detail the breach that caused deaths during his testimony before a U.S. Senate committee, but he did say he's been able to find evidence of more than 125 control systems breaches involving systems in nuclear power plants, hydroelectric plants, water utilities, the oil industry and agribusiness.

"The impacts have ranged from trivial to significant environmental damage to significant equipment damage to deaths," he told the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. "We've already had a cyber incident in the United States that has killed people." [...]

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