Thursday, March 12, 2009

Estonia attack: Russia admission...?

I spent a lot of time reading and studying what happened in Estonia with the famous attack. Few days after I flighted to Tallinn (what a beatiful city!!!) to meet with officials and people involved in defending the country from the cyberattack. Everyone had this question: was Russia behind the attack? Only an hypotesis, until now....

(From Betanews) A Russian official speaking on an infowar panel last week revealed that his assistant was responsible for the 2007 cyber-attacks that crippled the nation of Estonia. The only person surprised was Nargiz Asadova, the moderator of the discussion.

Sadly, the statement by Sergei Markov, an official from the pro-Kremlin Unified Russia party, has garnered only mild interest in the general press. (Almost no one I queried Tuesday even remembered the attacks, which knee-capped financial and government institutions as well as the nation's Internet traffic. It was started over the proposed relocation of a statue. Seriously.) Markov claimed that the assistant, whom he refused to name lest it imperil the man's visa applications, undertook the act as a patriotic gesture against perceived fascism (in, again, the relocation of a statue).

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