Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Energy "Cyber Security: Are We Doing Enough"


We can’t afford to live in a virtual world when it comes to cyber attacks on our electric grid—this pain would be real. A disruption of our critical infrastructure would be life threatening and could cripple our economy.
U.S. utilities know this and are working around the clock to ensure the safety of their networks and systems. Yes, the electric power system is vulnerable but with constant vigilance and sound cyber security policies we can protect the grid—we just have to be sure we are doing enough.

Last year, the number of cyber attacks on utilities per day almost doubled, according to SecureWorks, a managed security services provider to more than 1,800 clients, including 100 utilities. From January through April 2007, the company blocked an average of 49 attackers per utility client per day, while from May through September of that year, it saw an average of 93 unique hackers attempting attacks on each of its utility clients per day.

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