Thursday, May 22, 2008

Virtual Jihad -

Recently I joined two discussions about Cyberterrorism, one at the RUSI conference on Critical National Infrastructure in UK and the second at SARMA. In both occasions the authoritative speakers said Cyberterrorism is a myth. I will post more on this subject, I have asked Irving Lachow, Senior Professor at the US National University, to publish part of the presentation he gave to SARMA Conference.

One of the topics we discussed is how Internet is used by terrorists in organizing, coordinating
and promoting their activities, as reported by the following article:

Virtual Jihad -
"As Director McConnell points out, the commonly associated ideas of terrorist cells and extremist preaching are no longer necessary to spread terrorist ideology, recruitment or planning. Terrorist organizations are using the Internet as a powerful tool to spread their message and ideology throughout the world. "Virtual Jihad," the term that describes use of the Internet to spread Islamic extremist beliefs and to coordinate future attacks, is quickly spreading in reach and influence throughout the Western world"

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